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Heart of the Matter
Sometimes it takes a little divine love to get right down to the heart of the matter.

1. What feeling do you get when you first see Elisa's reactions to Pamela's questions?

2. What do you think Pamela is feeling?

3. Why do you think Elisa is so negative? Does it really matter?

4. Is Elisa frustrated more with others or with her own self preceptions?

5. What would happen if you were to meet Elisa on the sidewalk and you said "Good Morning?"

6. What prompts anyone to be unaccepting of compliments?

7. When we are tired or having a bad day what is the best thing to do to make our day better?

8. What turned Elisa around? When you have had to change course what was the pivotal point for you?

9. Who do you think the little girl on the sidewalk was? What did she prompt Elisa to think about?

10. When Elisa returned from her walk why did she call out for Pamela?

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